House Construction

This is an ongoing project so this page will be updated as progress is made. The photos show the original structure, clearing around it,

adding an extention on the north side then tearing down the original to eliminate any steps in the house. Then the construction of the

south side began which is where progress is as of September 8, 2016.

View of south face of existing structure when land was purchased

View from west of the structure and pad along with various items left from previous owner

North side of structure we called the "Barn" after clearing brush and trash

Northwest view after initial cleanup

North side view of barn where extention will be built to house bathroom and utility room

Northwest view of layout for north extention

View from southeast of barn with north extention

Tearing down temporary weather wall and "barn"

Continuing to dismantle barn to reuse materials

Metal panels removed and demolition of sheathing

Collapsing of final wall and roof. Click here to see video

New temporary wall placed after cleanup to maintain weather tightness

North extension with covered porch from northwest

Covered porch and north extention from west

Floor joists placed for remainder of house from west

Floor framing from southwest corner. Cross braces have been added and additional support piers will be placed prior to installing subfloor. Subfloor was started in July and the goal is for first floor

framing to be finished by October 1st, 2016. Second floor and roof to be finished by November.

1st floor consists of 1.5" wood subfloor (3/4" MDS overlaid with 3/4" plywood) Bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room will have 10' ceilings.

Open floor on left is where wrap-around porch begins. It will extend 60' along west side of house 8' wide and covered.

Subfloor laid and 1st floor framing started

View from Southwest showing where 2nd floor dormer may go

View from Southeast with trial window placement. Decided to not use fixed window above larger window. Jan 2017

View from Northwest showing enclosed section with framing to South. Jan 2017

View showing top floor without dormer frame. All rafters and framing except spot for dormer finished. Ready to start decking the roof. Jan 2017

Last updated January 25, 2017