Skiatook Property - Cleaning barn and clearing grounds around it

A big priority was to clean the Northwest corner of the property where a partial shed/barn had been erected on a concrete pad

Only the north and south walls of the shed were constructed and those were not completed.

The pad outside and inside the building was being used as storage for auto parts, building materials, and miscellaneous trash

Our goal is to clean the area, finish the building, add east and west walls, an interior wall, insulate, wire and finish the structure so that we can use it in conjunction with the 5th wheel trailer
as temporary living quarters while we clear land and build a three-car garage. When completed, we will move into the garage and live there until the house is ready to live in.


The pad and shed before we started work, looking east.

Inside the shed before cleanup, looking east.

Interior of shed before cleanup, looking west

Interior of structure after cleaning

Brush line on northwest edge of property before clearing it

Treeline on northwest property line after clearing

Pad, looking northwest, after cleanup

Area south of shed after clearing brush

Another view of south side of barn after clearing brush

Site where 5th wheel will sit, looking southeast