5th Wheel

This is the 5th wheel travel trailer we purchased.
We plan on staying in it for a few days at a time while we clear the property of brush and downed trees.
After the sale of our house we will live in it and use the barn adjacent while we construct the garage/apartment.
After the garage/apartment is complete, we will live in it while building the house.

29 foot 5th wheel (we moved it from this location to our drive so that we can remodel interior)

Entry side also has an awning

Back side of trailer with hookups

Rear of trailer

Steps from Living Room to Bath and then Bedroom

Full bath

Queen-size bed with storage underneath

Living room (we plan on replacing sofa-bed and carpet and linoleum with wood plank flooring)

Kitchen and dining area. We plan on replacing bench cushions and the linoleum with wood plank flooring